Uncover What Purpose Means to You

Our careers tend to play a significant role in defining our identities. It's often a reflection of our strengths, our values, our contributions.

We want our work to inspire us, to have purpose. We want that Simon Sinek-kind-of-Why. A purpose that goes beyond ourselves.

Though, sometimes this desire for purpose can lead to what The Atlantic is calling 'Workism,' a sometimes unhealthy obsession with work and meaning.

As someone who has sought to both uncover my why and cultivate a healthier relationship with my career, I've learned is there is no singular definition for purpose. It's a feeling. And only you know if what you're working on feels purposeful.

Below is a series of questions, prompts, and ideas that can help you uncover what purpose means to you.

5 Steps to Uncovering Your Purpose | darabelliott.com

5 Steps to Uncovering Your Purpose 

No. 1 | Hindsighting 

No. 2 | Insighting

No. 3 | Foresighting

No. 4 | Taking the Leap

No. 5 | Living Your Purpose

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This process is intended to be slow. The questions are deliberate and designed to prompt a healthy dose of self-reflection.

I'd love to hear where you land in the process, shoot me a note!

Dara Elliott | Brand Strategist, FounderDara Elliott | Brand Strategist