About Dara Elliott

Hello, I'm Dara.

Brand Strategist, Co-Active® Trained Coach.

I believe building a brand starts with asking the right questions.

Leveraging coaching methodologies, we'll dig into the plot points of your story to understand what insights led you and your team to build your brand. Next, we'll explore the psychographics of your target audience, identifying their external, internal, and hidden philosophical problems.

We then connect the dots to reverse engineer a compelling and authentic narrative arc.

To learn more, let's connect!

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P.S. A few fun things...

My 'Why' (inspired by Simon Sinek's framework): To lead with curiosity to uncover what inspires you at your core

Myers-Brigg: ENFP/J. While I believe our personalities are ever-evolving, I find personality tests are helpful for giving us a deeper understanding of our perspectives in a given moment.

Core Values (via Co-Active® Coach Training)

No. 1 Create value - be resourceful and find a way to contribute.
No 2. Seek fresh perspectives - embody all angles and points of view. 
No 3. Embrace growth - welcome experiences that will expand and challenge me. 
No 4. Question shoulds - tap into both practical insights and intuition.
No 5. Aim for mastery - quality over quantity, long-term over short-term, niche over mass.   

City: Currently, San Francisco. Previously New York, San Diego, and Burbank (hometown).

Morning routine: Deep breaths, then cuddle sesh with my baby girl.

Fave workouts: Swimming. Running while podcasting. Solo dance parties when the mood strikes.

Happy place: Psychology and behavioral economic books. Inspiring conversations. Meeting new people.

Drink of choice: Smoothies, I'm obsessed with creating new concoctions!

Indulgences: California burritos (aka burritos with guac and fries).