Your vision is worthwhile.

To bring your vision forth, you'll need to practice:

Curiositycreating without attachment or expectation.

Courage - acting in alignment with your values, in the presence of fear.

Compassion - accepting your humanness, and the humanness of others.

Antifragility getting better from failure.

About Dara Elliott

Hello, I'm Dara.

In 2016, I set out to build an apparel brand without a strong mental foundation.

What ensued was years of holding myself to impossibly high standards, setting unrealistic expectations, and subconsciously seeking to avoid failure.

Ironically, this was a recipe for failure.

Even though I had that thing they call 'product market fit' and a profitable business model, I constantly berated myself for falling short. This way of being wasn't sustainable and had taken a significant toll on my well-being. Eventually, I shut down my business. Aka, I failed.

The bigger irony was the thing I was avoiding, failure, was precisely what I needed to experience. 

Failure led me to learn the practices of cultivating a stronger mental foundation: curiosity, courage, compassion, and antifragility.

It inspired me to embark on a rigorous self-study of psychology, where I stumbled across coaching. Coaching was most effective in helping me navigate the paradoxical nature of being and doing.

This new ability to both be and do was impactful. And this set me on my path to train in the Co-Active® model, and become a coach.

Today, it's my mission to take what I've learned to help you bring forth your vision, and enjoy the process. I do this work to...

To champion the creative, entrepreneurial spirit.

The mental obstacles you encounter may dampen this spirit within you. It may make you want to shrink, to hide, and to give up. I won't stand for that, and I hope you won't either.

If you're ready to bring forth your vision, schedule a complimentary coaching session. 

Dara Elliott Dara Elliott  


P.S. A few fun things about me... 

City: San Francisco (right next to Golden Gate Park). Previously New York, San Diego (UCSD), and Burbank (hometown).

Morning Essentials: Deep breaths, green smoothie.

Happy Place: Dance parties with my daughter and husbandInspiring conversations. Running alongside breathtaking scenery.

Favorite Snack: Chips and dips, the zestier the better!

Motto: Be here now, do what flows.