STEP NO. 3 | Foresighting

Welcome to Step No. 3 of the Guide to Career Pivoting For Entrepreneurial Types.

It’s time to play detective. Review your hindsights and insights from a macro lens, now connect the dots. What patterns do you see? 

List out all the career pivots that come to mind.
Braindump all your potential career pivots without judgment. Build upon what's already working. Get creative and include business ideas, consulting/freelancing opportunities, startup roles, remote work etc.

Next, narrow it down to three pivots.
With more pivots available than ever before, it’s both liberating and totally overwhelming. To keep your options open while preventing decision fatigue, narrow it down to three paths. Each path should be distinct, not just a variation.

To hone in on one career pivot, let’s begin the foresighting process. Run each of your three potential pivots through this series of future-focused questions:

What is your gut reaction to this pivot?
3, 2, 1 answer. Don't think about it, just write down the first thing that comes to mind.

Does this pivot reflect your core values?
Your core values are your anchor, any pivot you make moving forward needs to hit on your core values.

Will you enjoy the day-to-day work?
Will you have autonomy over your work? Are you likely to experience flow while engaged in your work? Are you willing to do the nitty-gritty that comes with the work?

Will you experience growth?
Does this pivot expand your strengths and skills? Will this pivot challenge you to move forward beyond your limiting beliefs? Will you get to explore new ideas and experiences?

Will you create meaningful impact?
Do you care about the problem you’re solving? Will you play a critical role? Does this have the potential to drive tangible change at scale? Can this create meaningful, positive results? It doesn’t need to be grand, just worthwhile to you.

Is there a market for this?
Is there a need for your work? Can you get specific on who you will serve? Is there a niche you can clearly identify? Will people pay you? Depending on your financial circumstance, your next pivot may not need to make money right away. However, you’ll want evidence that it will. This will keep you motivated and give you direction.

Are you willing to overcome the obstacles to pursue this?
Every pivot has obstacles. Is your desire to make this pivot strong enough to overcome the obstacles? Be honest with yourself.

You now have the hindsight, insight and foresight to answer the question:

What's your next pivot?
Take the pressure off, there’s not just one singular, perfect career pivot for you. Your career is meant to be fluid. Make a decision, and let learning and growth lead you. The only thing that will keep you stuck is indecision, so decide where you want to pivot!

Yay, you’ve identified your career pivot, now it’s time to commit to making this change.

Commitment is required to move forward. This means that as long as this pivot feels aligned, you’re committed to saying ‘yes’ to this pivot, and ‘no’ to anything that may sabotage your commitment.

But remember, commitments are not meant to be handcuffs. If you outgrow this path and want to make another pivot, do not stick to the plan at all costs. Again, your career is fluid. Only you know when it’s aligned, and when you’re making excuses to stay stuck.

Now, let’s move onto Step No. 4…