FAQ | Brand Strategy Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is essentially the new working out. Back in the 50s and 60s, it was rare to go to the gym. Then P.E. became a formal part of our education system. Now fitness is a part of our identities. We’re sporting our athleisure best. We each have our favorite studio, SoulCycle, Barry’s, you name it.

Because we’re investing in our physical well-being through workout classes and personal trainers, most of us don’t need to see a physical therapist. In fact, not only do we not have aches and pains but we’re in great physical shape.

Mental well-being is next.

And we’ve got a ways to go. Unlike P.E., there was no M.E. (mental education) or E.Q. (emotional intelligence) class. Most of us are lacking the tools to manage our minds. As a result, therapy has become the first line of defense.

Therapy is essential and immensely valuable when we need it. However, we could also benefit from a ‘mental trainer’ that doesn’t just help us feel better but excel.

That’s where coaching comes into play.

At a fundamental level, coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to unlock your potential through effective questions, tools, and techniques with the goal of achieving a meaningful goal.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

While they both focus on individual behavior change and leverage strategic questioning to get to the solution, they differ in overarching goals. Coaching focuses on building the future whereas therapy focuses are dissecting the past. 

Put simply, people who want to make significant changes in their lives gravitate towards the challenge and growth of coaching. People in emotional crises or dealing with mental illness need the comfort and healing of therapy.

How to tell if therapy or coaching is right for you?

Both are immensely valuable. Despite the stigmas and myths, one is not better than another. They simply serve different life scenarios. At some point, many of us will find ourselves in one scenario or the other.

If you’re experiencing unchecked anxiety/depression, debilitating fear, low self-esteem, going through a traumatic life event, or having trouble getting through your day-to-day, therapy will likely be a better fit at the moment.

If you’re feeling meh, stuck, unfulfilled, and ready to make a significant change, achieve a specific goal, and propel yourself forward in any area of your life, coaching will likely be able to offer you the support you need.

What is the difference between life coaching and entrepreneurship coaching?

Both coaches will help you determine what changes you’d like to make, work with you to create a personalized action plan, guide you through any obstacles, and support you to achieve your goal.

The difference is a life coach focuses on personal goals like self-care, authenticity, and spirituality, and an entrepreneurship coach focuses on business-related goals like brand strategy and culture.

What does entrepreneurship coaching consist of?

At the Unstuck Theory, we specialize in helping you navigate early-stage entrepreneurship. We help you identify your best next step, this could include defining your core values, community building, rebranding, pivoting your business, or something in between. We know the uncertainty and mental obstacles that come along with being an early-stage founder and are there for you every step of your growth journey.

What does brand strategy coaching consist of?

If you’re ready to build an aligned brand, a brand strategy coach will be able to guide you through the process. We'll get an honest and thorough understanding of why you and your brand are stuck, identify your core values, be a creative resource for brainstorming your plan of action, provide you with clarity on your brand direction, and ultimately help you bring your brand to life.

As you navigate this change, you’ll likely experience fear and self-doubt. Your brand strategy coach will challenge you to take action, overcome setbacks, and stay focused on what’s most important to you and your business. Likewise, they will be able to provide you with valuable insight and perspective. Unlike friends or family, an entrepreneurship coach will offer unbiased, objective feedback, tell it like it is, and hold you accountable.

How do I contact you?

I’d love to hear from you, please drop me a note at dara{at}unstucktheory.com.