1:1 Brand Strategy Session

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The brands we admire are brilliant storytellers. They strategically tell their brand story in everything they do.

Storytelling works because our brains are hardwired to connect to stories. Stories that embody our core beliefs create an even deeper connection. In fact, when you observe a highly engaged brand community, you'll find there's a cohesive story that connects the community.

Build your brand through storytelling. ✨

In order to create that cohesion around your brand, every single marketing initiative must be part of telling your story. 

But first, you've got to refine that story. This strategy session is designed to do just that. 

In our one-on-one brand strategy session, we'll develop your story:

Before the session, once you complete your order, you'll receive a link to schedule your strategy session. Then, I'll conduct a thorough brand audit to understand the psychographics of your community, from their core beliefs to their consumption ecosystem. 

During the session, we'll clarify the foundations of your brand strategy, from your purpose to positioning. Then, we'll get granular and develop the plot points of your brand story.

After the session, I'll follow-up with an outline of your brand strategy and your brand story. 


Absolutely wonderful brand strategy experience, Dara. Truly inspiring stuff in just the span of one hour with you. Perk has nailed down its brand ethos down to a science. Thank you for that.

Dara's vision for brand storytelling was pivotal in helping us to refine and focus our messaging as we began redesigning our site. She is a talented brand strategist who really challenges you to search for the 'why' of your brand.

Dara’s experience in brand marketing and strategy has made her an invaluable resource, and boy does she know a lot that you need to know! Whether you’re in startup mode or established, Dara will give you clarity on your brand's messaging and identify strategic ways to approach marketing. She's a must-have for your business, highly recommend Dara to any brand founder!

One can read about brand strategy, but going about creating and implementing a brand strategy is a different challenge entirely. Dara and I worked together over a handful of sessions on brand strategy, I would absolutely work with her again and recommend her. I came to Dara looking for assistance with distilling my brand and figuring out how to put a brand into action across digital and social media channels. We went through a number of exercises together that were very helpful. Dara is very knowledgeable about brand strategy and brand storytelling and adept at pulling out the patterns and seeing the big picture from the details. Dara was full of insights that I found highly valuable.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Dara. She has a great eye for design and visual storytelling as well as an exceptional ability to use data and metrics to filter out the noise and uncover steps that are really going to work for long-term growth. Dara takes a holistic approach when it comes to working with clients. She's helped me uncover my strengths/weaknesses which has helped me overcome various obstacles in my day to day workflow. Overall, Dara's helped my business tremendously and I would highly recommend her brand strategy services!

Dara was exceptional! She provided incredible value, answered our main concerns/questions, and also provided three possible strategies for us to take away. Looking forward to our next session.

Dara provided a fresh perspective and gave us great insights into further defining our brand and messaging.

Dara is immensely helpful with brand strategy. She's a sounding board that truly understands branding. I really appreciated her perspective on niching down when you're starting out without a big budget. The list of brand positioning she compiled for me has been especially helpful. It's helped me put a finger on my brand storytelling, something I had been racking my brain about for some time. There was a big disconnect and now I know why, and how to fix it.